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Hoping for the BEST

Dear Donors,

There are times when you just need to “hope for the BEST”, but with little funds to BUY expensive technology needed to assist dyslexic learners it can be a little daunting.  And then you find BEST BUY – and their amazing “Geek Squad” comes to the rescue with donations of a wireless printer, headphones, and a complementary technology install.

Summit Expeditionary Academy is transforming the way in which dyslexic learners are taught in the classroom.  Each dyslexic child is equipped with an ipad, headphones, and access to the wireless printer.  Through the use of technology these children have the ability to “ear read” (using ReadToGo which dictates books) while their peers are “eye reading”; type stories and create visual maps on their ipad while their peers are using paper/pencil; and scan math workbooks for voice dictation.  All of this in an environment where they feel empowered and embraced, not shamed or embarrassed.

These dyslexic learners are collaboratively working with their peers – you can feel the buzz of excitement in the classroom as new ideas are brought forth – equally by both traditional and dyslexic learners.

The Geek Squad did not just bring technology to Summit Expeditionary Academy – they helped to open the door to amazing possibilities for dyslexic learners in the classroom.

Here is an article featured in the local paper:

Thank you all for your support!



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